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Ing. Carmel Cuschieri

Ing. Cuschieri

Ing. Carmel better known as Charles Cuschieri founded the consultancy firm in 1979 together with the late A.G. Camilleri CEng FIEE. Graduated from the University of Malta in BSc Eng with first class honours in 1977. Worked for a short period with Enemalta, he joined the then Pioneer Corps as second lieutenant but only 3 weeks later left and joint Bortex as a production Engineer for the period October 1977 to March 1978. He then joined Delta Electronika of Holland as a design electronics engineer and stayed there till June 1982.

 During this period he met Ing Albert Camilleri through his son Bertie, a highly respected engineer, a president of the then electrical engineers association and later to become the first president of the Malta Chamber of Engineers. Ing Camilleri introduced Charles to consultancy in engineering and the latter took over all of the work that Ing Camilleri had at this time. This he did in parallel to his duties at Delta. The keeping of the name Camilleri in the name of the consultancy firm confirms the respect that Charles had towards his senior and tutor Ing Camilleri.

 In 1982 Ing Cuschieri joined the University of Malta as the youngest full time lecturer at the time. He lectured in analogue and digital electronics and later in Power electronics. He was also responsible to start a line of research in the field of inverters, variable speed drives and variable speed constant voltage generators mainly for wind turbines. His work was acclaimed by the external professor at the time who was himself a power electronics professor. He instigated and supervised a large number of final year dissertations.

 In 1989 he left full time lecturing at University to the surprise of Professor Borg Costanzi, Rector of University at the time, and his colleagues to continue full time with consultancy. By this time Ing Cuschieri had already completed a number of projects including a number of hotels including the Park Hotel in Sliema, The Miramare Hotel in St Julians and the Regent Hotel in Sliema.

At that time Charles had his first employee, a draughtsman. Cad was not invented at the time and all drawings were had drawn.

 The rest, as they say is history. The first engineer to be employed was Ing Jonathan Bonett, a director of C&C Consulting Engineers since 2002.

Ing Cuschieri still maintains his position as managing director, managing one of the largest, qualified and experienced teams of engineers and autocad draughtsman in Malta giving a services to Clients which is second to none


Camilleri and Cuschieri have been chosen as the MEP Consultants for the New Island Hotels Tourist Complex at Hal Ferh, Ghajn Tuffieha - C&C Consulting Engineers have completed in the name of their Clients, Bank of Valletta Limited, the first part of a larger project of installing Photovoltaic Panels  - 

C&C Engineers win a Green Award for their MEP design Of Golden Sands Resort and Spa - Camilleri and Cuschieri win Tender for Design of PV Systems and Intelligent lighting systems for the Private Schools Association - 

Professor Joseph Mifsud, Ing. Carmel Cuschieri of Camilleri and Cuschieri Consulting Engineers and Hoter Ltd were the proud winners of the 11th edition of the Malta Engineering Excellence Awards (MEEA) 2012 - 

Camilleri and Cuschieri Consulting Engineers were responsible for the design and supervision of all of the MEP works associated with the project including the Electrical, Mechanical and Plant for the Lifts as well as for the refurbishment of the Lascaris Ditch.  - 

This was not just another project done by C&C as designing services for radio and television studios is a rare and unique opportunity especially when this is done for the number one radio and TV station on the Island.  - 

The first 2013 activity for Camilleri and Cuschieri staff was held on the 2nd February. We went to the Badger raceway to challenge each other in a Badger Karting race. - 

The University inaugurated an €8 million state-of-the-art IT Services building, Rector Juanito Camilleri – an IT expert and a prime campaigner for added funds for the University – said this investment would not have materialised if EU funds had not been made available by the Government. - 

The new state-of-the-art building of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology was made possible through European Regional Development Fund and Government of Malta funding, amounting to around €17 million. The aim behind the building is to provide the University of Malta with a Faculty of ICT geared for excellent grade education and for interacting with national and international ICT players, on both academic and industrial levels, and from both research and collaborative perspectives. - 

And here we go… it is time for another activity… - The University of Malta have just completed the refurbishment of the lighting and HVAC systems of the library. With the new extended opening hours these systems play a very important part in the overall building efficiency and hence its running costs. C & C were tasked with this refurbishment and the objective was to optimise the design to reduce running costs.  - 

Summer is here and also the first heat wave so we decided to have an indoor activity this time to stay in an air-conditioned environment.  - Earlier during the year, the air conditioning strategy of the property was reviewed and decision had been reached to replace the aging R22 chillers. A number of options using VRF units, Chillers, DX units or a combination of systems were being considered.  - 

The new building for the University's Faculty of ICT was recently inaugurated - December is here and everyone starts feeling the festive fever coming. - 

The University of Malta have just completed the refurbishment of the air conditioning installation for the Faulty of Engineering.  - Visit to MP3-Italia stand at the Mostra Convegno EXPOCOMFORT 2014 in Milan - 

The University of Malta has just opened its new Home Economics Lab at the Junior College campus. C & C were entrusted with the holistic design of the lab including both the MEP installations as well as furniture and appliances. The overall layout was jointly established with the Home Economics Department at the Junior College as well as the UOM Estates and Works Department. - 

Over the summer period, Radisson BLU St Julian's embarked on a project to change their aging R22 water cooled chillers to R410 air cooled heat pumps.  - 

CSL is a Systems Integrator in Malta specializing in the following:  - During the Annual Squash Presentation which was held on Saturday 30th August - 

Camileri and Cuschieri have just participated in the Young Engineers Employer of the Year Award organised by CIBSE in association with ASHRAE -